Dhaka Mohanagar Mohila College


Activities and responsibilities

Activities and responsibilities

Class teacher and guide teachers to ensure the best academic atmosphere, to give standard education, to run integrated and effective educational activities and to develop the standard of education gradually, total intakes of a year are divided into sections. A teacher is given a special responsibility officially as a class teacher. There are 60 to 125 students in each section. Six other teachers also work with the class teacher as guide teachers. Activities and responsibilities of a class teacher:
1. To preserve the list of names, roll numbers, address and telephone numbers of all students belonging to his/her section.

2. To divide the students in different groups under each guide teacher.

3. To select 3 to 5 class captains from the students according to GPA in SSC

4. To increase the presence of the highest number of students in the class and ensure their attentive participation.

5. To give permission of leave to students if they face any problem during the class hour.

6. To make a list of presence and absence of the students in every month and to submit a list of fine to the accounts section with a counter signature within the 1st to 5th of every month.

7. To prepare a monthly report of absence and its reason in different internal exams such as class tests, semester exams etc. (on the basis of reports from the guide teachers).

8. To note in the monthly report the names and roll numbers of those who have not done well in the class tests or semester exam (according to the report of guide teachers).

9. To identify the students who are weak in a particular subject and take initiative after discussing with guide teachers for the development of her ability.

10. To preserve a record in the monthly report about classes which were not held according to the class routine.

11. To supervise and complete all admission, registration subject change related activities with the assistance of guide teachers and inform the convener of admission committee or the Vice-principal and above all the Principal if any problem arises and solve it immediately.

12. To take over all responsibility of form fill up of the students who are allowed for appearing HSC exam and distribute the admit cards among the candidates.

13. To evaluate the overall development of students in studies, the rate of monthly presence and to recommend on their absence in the monthly report.

14. To discuss with the guide teachers about problems of the students and solution at least once in a month.

15. To submit the monthly report to the Principal/ Vice-principal Activities and responsibilities of a guide teacher:
  1. To help students make the best result.
  2. To call the rolls on the day or period fixed by the class teacher.
  3. To keep the record and marks sheets of class tests and prepare the tabulation sheet.
  4. To recommend to the authority for scholarship.
  5. To guide the students to be attentive to their studies.
  6. To help students fill up the registration form, check it for correction.
  7. To ensure discipline, proper dress, timely presence in the class and participation in class tests and semester exams.
  8. To discuss with the class teacher and the parents about performance of students under his/her guidance.
  9. To sit with the students under his/ her guidance to discuss on different matters at 11 am to 12 p m on Thursday every week.
  10. To prepare a monthly report and submit it to the class teacher (within the first week of the month).