Dhaka Mohanagar Mohila College



Since its establishment by Dhaka City Corporation in 1997, Dhaka Mohanagar Mohila College has been a pioneering force in higher education for women in old part of Dhaka City. Producing a legion of talented women graduates and post-graduates in various disciplines. We believe that the first goal of the college must be "To educate women as human beings" laid down the foundations for today´s extended education system of the country´s demand. Dhaka City Corporation also realize the idea of educating student as woman and as competent citizen of the country i.e. as members of the society and "members of the world community." As a concrete means of achieving this goal we stress on "to conviction", "creativity" "and co-operation and services" for women of disadvantage group. Today the college is preparing to meet the challenge of 21st century by working to enrich its standard understanding to guide for higher education.

The college provides higher education with opportunity to contributing to society throughout their lives in fulfilling the mission and vision of their live. Women today have been given the opportunity to develop their talents and play an active role in all spheres of society. It is our sincere hope that the students, having received a modern, standard and diversive education as women and as human beings, will grow into 21st century leaders capable of contributing to happiness and peace around the country and the world.