Dhaka Mohanagar Mohila College



About 1.5 million people live in Dhaka and its surroundings area Old part of Dhaka City is the most densely populated area. To impart higher education specifically for women, there is only one Girls´ College, named Dhaka Mohanagar Mohila College which has been established by Dhaka City Corporation in 1997. It is situated at Luxmibazar. This is an appreciable initiative by DCC which plays a greater role in educating female students and empowerment of women. The students enrolling in this institution mainly come from the lower income group.

Having fulfilled the demand of parents and students, the institution has been expanded as a seat for higher education from a simple intermediate college to University College. It has opened Honor’s and Masters Course in all faculties. Moreover, the authority has to opened, professional courses so that the students may complete those courses within their academic life and become more skilled to compete for jobs. All students of this college have been given computer literacy and communicative English Language course compulsorily. Yearly 3000 students are directly benefited from these courses.

Currently Dhaka Mohanagar Mohila College runs higher secondary course in Humanities, Business Studies, Science under Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Dhaka and Business Management Course under Bangladesh Technical Education Board. It also runs B.A, B.B.S, B.S.S, B.Sc. (Pass) course under National University. It opened sixteen Honor’s Course & Proposed five Honor’s Course professionally important under the National University.

All these subjects include Bangla, English, History, Social Work, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Geography and Environment, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance & Banking, Botany, Zoology, Home Economics and Computer Science & Proposed Honor’s Courses are B.B.A, Environment Science, Psychology, Music, B.Ed. To meet the demand of the students it has started Master Courses including Preliminary in Bangla, Geography, Social Work, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology and Management, Home Economics. Moreover, various professional courses including English Language course and Computer Fundamental Course are conducted by Computer Science and Human Resource Development Institute Compulsorily for all students of all classes and departments. It has an elaborate plan to conduct various effective professional Training Programmed with a view to making girls students fit for competitive job market. Since such a divertive institution only for girls is rare in the country, its reputation has been astonishingly increased throughout the country along with Dhaka City.

Every year around one thousand students take admission at H.S.C level, 100 students in Business Management Courses, 500 hundred students in Degree (Pass) course and there are seats for 1000 students in various Departments for Honor’s Course. So, total yearly enrollment in this college is around 3000 students. Since five sessions run every year simultaneously total number of students comes to more than ten thousand.

Students from all the girls schools and the girl students from co-education schools rush to this college for its reputation, congenial educational atmosphere, discipline, security and above all brilliant result in every public examination. The tendency of taking admission in this institution has been increasing day by day and its acceptance as a good institution among the guardians, has widened its range. There is a serious pressure from the students of far and wide for admission at higher level (i.e. in Honor’s and Masters Course). Despite these positive aspects, the institution and the students coming to this institution, face a common problem- problem of accommodation. A full-fledged hostel for the students is a crying need of the day.

The students who come to take admission in this institution from different districts of the country face acute accommodation problem and stay at messes, private hostels and relatives´ houses as paying guests. They pass insecure life devoid of educational atmosphere. They always want to stay in a secured environment under the guidance of teachers. Considering this reality the college authority has already set up a small hostel in the campus where only 50 students can be accommodated. Hence comes the question of building a complete hostel for one thousand students.

In the coming year active role of women in the socio-economic development of the country will be increased. From this perspective Dhaka Mohanagar Mohila College can play a vital role which is the firm determination of both the institution and Dhaka City Corporation, the patroning authority. Many types of short and long term training programs for the internal students and outsiders are going on and many others are going to be started very soon. In every step having all other criterion fulfilled, the institution is facing one and only problem of a hostel & less accommodation in old infrastructure of academic complex. When the institution will successfully run all its academic and training programs, it will obviously contribute to build up skilled woman work force. So, it is high time the authority of the institution would take effective step to solve the above mentioned problem and build up a full-fledged hostel and modern academic complex.

The proposed building will be constructed of 20 storied foundations. But now in this project 13 no’s floor will be constructed (Basement floor to 11th floor). Covered area of each floor is 14000.00 square feet or 1300.00 square meters. Basement floor will be used as car parking, Ground floor will be used as an Auditorium, 1st floor will be used as an Administration Office, 2nd Floor will be used as Computer Lab & Science Lab, Library and 3rd to 11th Floor, will be used as class rooms and Girls Hostel in separate building.